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Barbie Bistro Cart
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  • Serve up fun with the Barbie® bistro cart that allows young foodies to let their imaginations roll as they explore their passions!
  • The three-wheeled vehicle is designed with a seat for one Barbie® doll (sold separately) in front and a food cart in the back; signature touches include a blue and white body, pink frame and accents, realistic decals, silvery elements and a bright awning. 
  • Handlebar clips and a seatbelt hold a Barbie® doll in place as kids push the vehicle along to get the action moving.
  • Fun food pieces include a bunch of apples, a hot dog, a burger and 2 drinks; a register is a realistic touch that allows young entrepreneurs to cash in their dreams!
  • Kids will love serving up adventures, exploring careers and cooking up fun all day long because with Barbie®, you can be anything!

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